Child safety concerns

We were fearful for the safety of our six month grandson due to the domestic violence in the marriage. The judge gave awarded the father unsupervised visitation of our six month grandson even though the father had never so much as held or fed the baby.  After the first visitation, it was suspected that the father had left the baby in the car while he went shopping for an hour with outdoor temperatures of 96 degrees or more.  The doctor advised us to follow the father for the next visitation. We were told by our attorney that we personally could not follow him even if it was to ensure the baby’s safety.

We went looking for a Private Investigator in the San Diego area, we browsed the internet.  We found and called the top three listed.  We left messages. One never returned our call, one was too expensive and then there was Kelsay Investigations.  They stated their experience and hourly rates, which were very reasonable and acceptable to us. They listened with compassion as we explained our situation. They supplied us with an invoice and DVD of video evidence after each day of surveillance.  They worked closely with our attorney the entire way.  Four months later, it was time to take the information they had gathered to court.  He handled himself very professionally, dressed in a suit and tie, and had all the documentation and videos in hand.  The opposing counsel was thrown off guard by his mere attendance but was also so impressed with our investigator that he was asking him for his rates and services information as well.  The judge realized the past decisions were wrong and changed everything ordering supervised visitation, six weeks of parenting classes, 52 weeks of abuse classes, drivers’ education classes and continued the domestic violence restraining order for one year. Most of this was because of the investigative work and testimony.

You might say that this all sounds fine and good, it was better than that, because we had never met Marshall in person until the day of court.  All of our dealings with him were done over the telephone or internet, because we do not live in California.  Marshall was very reliable, professional, caring, affordable, and there when we needed him EVERY TIME!

Our family truly believes that Kelsay Investigations was a God send.  We would recommend them to anyone in need of his type of help.  Just call and talk to them you’ll see for yourself.

S.S. (Private Client)

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