Challenging divorce

Kelsay Investigations was extremely professional over the months that they worked for me as a private investigator.  I originally hired them to investigate my Ex-wife’s claims of disability.  During the course of the investigation they discovered that she was also cohabitating.  They prepared a written report that my attorney said was one of the best she had seen.  Along with their video and still-frame photographic evidence I was able to prove that she was not disabled and cohabitating.  With the evidence of her cohabitation, the spousal support I was paying was reduced to zero!  When I added up what I would have had to pay in spousal support over the years it totaled over $38,000!  My Ex had already been given a Gavron Warning which ordered her to seek employment.  With evidence, I was able to prove that she did not comply with the court order.  She was imputed an income above minimum wage which I estimate will cut my child support in half and saved me at least $60,000 over the next 10 years!  To top it off, my Ex was sanctioned for lying to the court and ordered to pay $2,000 of my attorney fees!  This all adds up to Kelsay Investigations saving me $100,000!

From my experience with the court, they are not going to believe a single thing you say unless you have evidence from a neutral third-party to back it up.  The best thing you can do is hire a private investigator if you know your Ex is lying.  My Ex tried every dirty trick in the book and even tried to get a restraining order against me and kick me out of my own home.  She tried to claim that I gathered all the evidence by “stalking her”.  There was no way I was going anywhere near her to try to gather evidence myself.  My advice is to stay away from your crazy Ex and let a professional do the work.  The best thing I did was hire Kelsay Investigations. 

K.D. (Private Client)

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