At Kelsay Investigations, we are proud of the outstanding success that we’ve achieved in the wide variety of cases that we undertake.  With respect to producing results, we successfully deliver on approximately 90% of our cases.  Those successful cases have resulted in millions of dollars saved by our clients (e.g., eliminated fraudulently filed claims), cases developed for felony prosecution, thousands of false pretenses disclosed, clients’ businesses strengthened, and order restored to families.

The following statements have been provided to Kelsay Investigations from satisfied clients for your reference:

It has been both my pleasure and privilege for the past twenty plus years to have had the opportunity to retain the services of Kelsay Investigations. Perhaps the words that best describes their services are “professional”, “timely” and “relevant”. Kelsay Investigations has been instrumental in helping me achieve tremendous results for my clients. I would unhesitatingly recommend their services to all of my colleagues.

David M. Nugent

Law Offices of David M. Nugent


I have been utilizing Kelsay Investigations for over 23 years. I have found them to be credible, thorough, professional and successful in all assignments I have given them which have included witness interviews, sub rosas, background checks and witness locater functions.  I have relied on their judgment in formulating discovery plans, settlement issues and trial strategy.  They are always on my witness list and I have an appreciation for their demeanor and the articulate way they conduct their investigations.  I highly recommend their services.

Steve Cologne

Higgs Fletcher & Mack, LLP


Matt Kelsay was extremely professional over the months that he worked for me as a private investigator.  I originally hired Matt to investigate my Ex-wife’s claims of disability.  During the course of the investigation Matt discovered that she was also cohabitating.  Matt prepared a written report that my attorney said was one of the best she had seen.  Along with Matt’s video and still-frame photographic evidence I was able to prove that she was not disabled and cohabitating.  With the evidence of her cohabitation, the spousal support I was paying was reduced to zero!  When I added up what I would have had to pay in spousal support over the years it totaled over $38,000!  My Ex had already been given a Gavron Warning which ordered her to seek employment.  With evidence, I was able to prove that she did not comply with the court order.  She was imputed an income above minimum wage which I estimate will cut my child support in half and save me  at least $60,000 over the next 10 years!  To top it off, my Ex was sanctioned for lying to the court and ordered to pay $2,000 of my attorney fees!  This all adds up to Kelsay Investigations saving me $100,000!

From my experience with the court, they are not going to believe a single thing you say unless you have evidence from a neutral third-party to back it up.  The best thing you can do is hire a private investigator if you know your Ex is lying.  My Ex tried every dirty trick in the book and even tried to get a restraining order against me and kick me out of my own home.  She tried to claim that I gathered all the evidence by “stalking her”.  There was no way I was going anywhere near her to try to gather evidence myself.  My advice is to stay away from your crazy Ex and let a professional do the work.  The best thing I did was hire Kelsay Investigations. 

K.D. – (Private Client, 2013)


We were fearful for the safety of our six month grandson due to the domestic violence in the marriage. The judge gave awarded the father unsupervised visitation of our six month grandson even though the father had never so much as held or fed the baby.  After the first visitation, it was suspected that the father had left the baby in the car while he went shopping for an hour with outdoor temperatures of 96 degrees or more.  The doctor advised us to follow the father for the next visitation. We were told by our attorney that we personally could not follow him even if it was to ensure the baby’s safety.

We went looking for a Private Investigator in the San Diego area, we browsed the internet.  We found and called the top three listed.  We left messages. One never returned our call, one was too expensive and then there was Matt.  He sounded young, but stated his experience and his hourly rates, which were very reasonable and acceptable to us. He listened with compassion as we explained our situation. Matt was able to start right away.  He supplied us with an invoice and DVD of video evidence after each day of surveillance.  Matt worked closely with our attorney the entire way.  Four months later, it was time to take the information Matt had gathered to court.  He handled himself very professionally, dressed in a suit and tie, and had all the documentation and videos in hand.  The opposing counsel was thrown off guard by his mere attendance but was also so impressed with Matt that he was asking him for his rates and services information as well.  The judge realized the past decisions were wrong and changed everything ordering supervised visitation, six weeks of parenting classes, 52 weeks of abuse classes, drivers’ education classes and continued the domestic violence restraining order for one year. Most of this was because of Matt’s work and testimony.

You might say that this all sounds fine and good, it was better than that, because we had never met Matt in person until the day of court.  All of our dealings with Matt were done over the telephone or internet, because we do not live in California.  Matt was very reliable, professional, caring, affordable, and there when we needed him EVERY TIME!

Our family truly believes that Matt was a God send.  We would recommend him to anyone in need of his type of help.  Just call and talk to him you’ll see for yourself.

– S. S.  (Private Client – February, 2013)