Surveillance is a common investigative service that has proven to be beneficial for obtaining hard evidence that supports and strengthens a wide variety of cases.  Insurance fraud, worker’s compensation claim exaggeration, employee theft, infidelity, and child custody investigations are all common cases that can significantly benefit by appropriate use of surveillance.

Judges, juries and opposing counsel find photographic and videotaped evidence more compelling and convincing than any other type of evidence.  We place the highest priority on setting and maintaining a standard of excellence in our presentation of such testimony, through meticulously prepared videotape evidence, accompanied by a detailed report of all observed activities.

Kelsay Investigations often provides surveillance from a security standpoint as well.  Monitoring individuals or groups who pose a potential threat of harm or violence is a subtle, proactive approach to avoid and diffuse dangerous situations before they arise.  Workplace violence and hostile terminations are the most common reasons that necessitate this type of surveillance.  Violence in the workplace can be addressed through the use of a guard or guards strategically placed within the area around the individual in question.  Surveillance of individuals who have been recently terminated should usually start at the workplace at the time of their notification of termination and carry on until the company/organization is satisfied that the individual will no longer react.

Click HERE to view a YouTube video put together by Kelsay Investigations displaying a small sample of surveillance video obtained over the past few years.