Background Check & Asset Search

A thorough background check and/or asset search can provide an inquirer with pertinent information about an individual or company.  In most instances, these searches are preliminary to aid in the decision making process regarding any number of matters that a small business, corporation, or attorney may face.  These services have proven to be common and useful before hiring new employees, conducting business with another company, or determining whether or not to pursue litigation over a monetary matter.

Kelsay Investigations covers (but is not limited to) California: Employment Status; Bank Account Verification; Social Security Search; State Real Property; Corporation and Limited Partnerships; Uniform Commercial Code Filings; Consumer Public Filings; DMV Driving History/Vehicle Registration Search; Fictitious Business Name Filings; Bureau of Consumer Affairs Search – Professional Licensing; State Board of Equalization; Statewide Marriage Index; Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Mental Health, Probate and Judicial Court Index Search.