Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance camera furnishing and installation for residential and commercial buildings. Most residential installs include between four and sixteen camera systems. The digital video recorders will store between three and five weeks worth of video coverage for the owner to review with ease. These systems are compatible with smartphones and tablets, making viewing your property while you are away simple and efficient.

A surveillance camera system can be helpful to actively monitor your property, review the details of a crime, or serve as a deterrent to criminals before they choose to enter your property. In the workplace, surveillance cameras can keep employees honest by reducing the risk of employee theft and increasing worker productivity with the knowledge that they are being watched. Situations like sexual harassment and workplace violence can also be properly addressed with undeniable clarification provided through video footage where a third party witness may not always be available.

Whether it be vandalism, burglary, or trespassing, if a crime has been committed, reviewing the video footage can potentially identify who the criminal was, when they entered, and what they did or took. For insurance purposes alone, this evidence can prove to be far more valuable than most people realize.