“Arising Out of Employment – Course of Employment” investigation is specific to Workers’ Compensation claims and is structured to gather and present the facts surrounding an alleged injury to an employee while working on the job. The purpose of the AOE / COE Investigation is to establish whether the employee’s alleged injury was actually work-related and occurred in the course and scope of their employment, or whether the injury was sustained as a result of a non-work related activity.

In the early phases of a Workers’ Compensation claim, a thorough AOE/COE Investigation is crucial in order to determine, document and photograph injury-related accident facts before the evidence is moved, removed, lost or the witness’s memories deteriorate. It is very important to document the claimant’s alleged reported injury, along with statements by any witness prior to any possible coaching by third parties’ workers’ compensation attorneys.

The term “investigation”, as used in this case, encompasses all possible methods, procedures, and situations having to do with securing the information necessary to help process such insurance claims for payment or rejection, or to help the client in any given situation.